beez-fm’s BMS as a Service

Our European BMS team, together with our trusted local partners, will manage and maintain your installations and BMS daily.

Our FM services include :

  • Daily management service of your BMS
  • Installation & maintenance
  • Training of your inhouse FM team
  • Employees’ awareness workshops
  • All-in-One maintenance service:
       – Predictive maintenance
       – Supplier management
       – Machine learning schedules

Our European Energy Management experts will continuously look at ways to reduce your energy consumption, while increasing the end users’ comfort.

Our EM services include:

  • Reporting and deep analytics
  • Smart building migration
  • Green building certification
  • Forecasting
  • Green energy consulting

Thanks to our state of the art IoT Cloud technology, we will make your building smart and connect it to your tailored BMS solution.

Our Technology services include:

  • BaaS or BMS leasing
  • IT security
  • IoT applications
       – Voice recognition
       – Facial recognition
       – People’s position
beez-fm‘s topology
beez-fm‘s 3R concept
Zero initial investment. Start saving on your facility management, electricity and water bills from day one.
We reuse as much of your existing hardware as possible and integrate it in the BMS.
Should a component be changed, BEEZ makes sure it is recycled, as and when possible.
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